What does your favourite shopping app do?

What does your favourite shopping app do?

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We list the essential things that shopping apps must do, if they must qualify as the best ones in their category.

The Internet is a phenomenal entity in our lives. It has brought the world literally closer to our fingertips. You don’t even need to go out to do most things anymore – just click a few keys on your phone or laptop, and you can order whatever you want, from food to clothes.

Shopping, especially, has become really simple with the use of web-enabled devices. In recent years, prominent online sites have developed cutting edge apps to help customers buy whatever they need with just a few clicks. But though there are several shopping apps in India, only a few are able to tick all the boxes in terms of quality, customer satisfaction, online security and product range, among other factors.

If you are using a fashion app, you need to ask yourself if it is by far the best shopping app in India in its category – if not, you should be using the best one. Here are a few parameters to test the efficacy of your favourite shopping app in India:

* It is easy to navigate. The best shopping apps in India have a clear, non-cluttered interface where product categories are hard to find. The app must also be able to show all the product images and information easily, with a large font that makes it easy to read all the data. Besides, the app must load rapidly and be intuitive about guiding your shopping experience. For example, it must save your browsing history to remind you about items still lying in your shopping bag from your last visit.

* It lists all relevant details. The best shopping apps in Indialist all the information about each product they are selling. This information includes product quality, composition, price, sizes, colour options, care information, any existing offers or deals on the same, exchange policy on the item, if there are any curbs on the number of items being sold per customer, etc. Having all the information at hand helps you make a well informed decision about buying the product.

* It has your back.The biggest incentive for using a good shopping app is that it acts like it has your best interests at heart. Leading shopping apps in India reward customers with points or cash back for shopping using the app, or gives them a first look into limited period sales, or heavier discounts than the ones being offered. It even alerts you to upcoming sales so that you can create your wish list before the sale goes live.

* It integrates with social media. A lot of people who actively use social media like to place orders on these sites. A good shopping site trawls its own social media channels to pick up these orders and process them. Even shopping apps integrate with social media channels to process orders and payments in a seamless way.

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