5 Ways To Have Fun With Sand And Water Table

5 Ways To Have Fun With Sand And Water Table

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Through experience and discovery, children are able to learn best. This is why it is imperative to give them opportunities to engage in any sensory play; and Step2 Direct sand and water tables for kids are one of the perfect tools. With this playing resource, they can explore the uses and properties of water and sand as they play, dig, touch and scoop.

Small children also love to play with sand tables

Are you interested in how you can take the sand and water table for kids to the next level? You will never meet a toddler who doesn’t love water play. Even the smallest pail or bin of water will keep your toddlers or preschoolers happy pouring, stirring and splashing for a few hours.

Amazing Sand And Water Table Play Ideas

Surely as a parent, you are looking for guaranteed ways to keep your kids entertained and happy playing with sand and water table – all while developing their skills. Do you want to include some twist in their play experience? Below are five ways you can try to play with sand and water table.

  1. Ice castles

Simply mix one or two drops of food coloring with a handful of water. Afterwards, freeze it in sand castle molds. You should definitely do this on a hot day, and teach your kids what happens to ice when it gets warm!

  1. Washing station

To prepare your child for future tasks, start by practicing her washing skills. Use the sand and water table as a sink and wash outdoor toys (dirty or not). Kids actually love to wash their toys, just give it a chance!

Toddlers just go crazy happy when they see a water table

  1. Alphabet soup

If you want to help your adorable munchkin practice his or her ABCs, setting up an alphabet soup with sand and water table is a good option. You can ask them the numbers or letters they have pulled out. This will eventually help you see what letters or numbers they need extra work with in an enjoyable way.

  1. Recycle bin water toys

Does your kid love filling up an empty bottle on the sand and water table? If so, why not make a small sprinkle? Just thrust holes in a plastic container using a nail and voila! Your toddler will surely enjoy playing with it all day long.

  1. Water kitchen

If you want to keep your tots busy while developing skills, why not make a water kitchen, let’s say using bead soup? Don’t worry, you can purchase the kids play kitchen from Step2 Direct or other reputable toy stores out there, if you do not want to make it yourself. Get out a few cups, cooking spoons, egg beater, and bowls and enjoy playing with your kids.

Choosing the right sand and water table for your backyard

These days, the options for sand and water tables vary. Sure, you want to get the right product to promote fun playing experience, so pay attention to the materials you want for the item.

There are an array of sand and water tables to choose from, including mobile, transparent, multi-station, and double tray sand and water tables. Other good options are water trays or tubs and waterwheel tables. The decision may greatly depend on your budget and needs.

Final Word

Undoubtedly, sand and water table is an excellent toy for providing a one-of-a-kind playing experience. In addition, several skills can be developed and improved, such as creativity and imagination. For your next outdoor game, you should try any of these sand and water activities to kick out the bore and keep active!

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